The Details

Children are most comfortable in their own environment, in their own home. You as a parent have everything you need in your home such as multiple outfits, diapers, toys, etc. This is why we bring the studio to you. Imagine this ... you find the perfect little outfit for your one year old daughter then you drive her to the studio only to realize you forgot the matching shoes at home. Of course you will still have the pictures taken, but every time you see those pictures you will regret that you forgot those shoes. Whether you have a newborn child or a 10 year old, you know how difficult it can be to drive your children to a studio for pictures. There's the waiting in the lobby, the "fell asleep in the car" hair, the whining ... need i go on?

The Pricing

First Step: the conference: $FREE

Contact us to set up a conference with our photographer.
He/she will come to your house to discuss details about the photography and visually examine your house for potential photography hot spots.

Second Step: the session: $100 (+tax)

We will send 1 photographer to your house for a 1 hour time slot to photograph your child(ren).
This fee is for the photographer's experience & time.

Need more time? Add another hour for another $100.

Third Step: the viewing

There are 2 different viewing options available:

1: instantly: $FREE
Once your session is over, we can sit down and view the images instantly to place your order. This is the most economic method, but the ordering process can be difficult due to the fact that other family members have not had a chance to see the images.

2: online/return: $30
(+ tax)
Within 2 weeks of the session, we will post your images on our website for you and other family members to view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be able to see how the images look in Black and White, you will be able to mark images as favorites and you (or friends/family) will be able to place an order. This is our most popular method. Price also includes a Pulsart Media staff member to come back to your house to personally place your order.

Fourth Step: the printing

Once your order is placed, we will take great care in your prints by fully retouching each image you choose, and by having the images printed by a pro photo lab. We will hand deliver your images to you either at your house or at any other destination you choose.
Our specialty print items are vast and always growing, email us and we'll send you a detailed list of products available.
This is a simple list of standard size print pricing (tax not included):

8 wallets: $25 (all 8 from same image)
1-4x5: $10
1-5x7: $20
1-8x10: $30
1-11x14: $70*
1-16x20: $100*

*mounted & sealed wall portrait





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