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High School Senior Photography

Our session fees are $100 per hour. Your senior portrait session can be done in an hour, but the more time you give us, the better your pictures will look. Give us two hours ($200) and we'll have more time to straighten your hair, straighten your clothing and focus more on posing and lighting. It will also give you more time to change into multiple outfits, change your hair style or makeup, drive to multiple locations and have more variety to your pictures. We're not saying your pictures won't look great if you "only" give us an hour ... we're simply saying that the more time you give us, the more time we have to spend.

If you haven't read our studio on wheels page, please do. We don't work out of a studio (yet) so we come to you (within a 20 mile radius of Willoughby, OH). We do require that your session is prepaid when you book to secure your time. Don't worry if it rains, we will reschedule at no charge. Our photographer will come to you bringing the necessary equipment to deliver great results and we highly suggest you bring family or friends to tag along for a more fun & "laid back" experience!

here's our prices:

Session fee: $100 per hour (+tax)
This pays for the photographer's expertise and time.
Your paid time doesn't start until we arrive at the agreed location.

Viewing: $30 OR $50 (+tax)
Choose one from the following:
Online viewing: $30 - enables web viewing with the ability to view images in black and white, mark images as favorites, email link to friends and family to view, and order your prints using your credit card. This site can be accessed using a password or not, your choice.
Proof Book: $50 - We'll print a book that has up to 40 of our hand picked best from your session for you to keep. This book is a great way to show your friends and family without having to huddle around a computer screen. Price also includes a Pulsart Media staff member to come to your house to personally place your order.

Per print pricing:
Each image you choose is fully retouched and printed at a professional print lab.
Specialty retouching such as braces removal and glass glare is an additional charge.
Our specialty print items are vast and always growing, email us and we'll send you a detailed list of products available.
This is a simple list of standard size print pricing (tax not included):

8 wallets: $30 (all 8 from same image)
1-4x6: $10
1-5x7: $20
1-8x10: $30
1-11x14 Canvas: $125
1-16x20 Canvas: $185


Pulsart Media specializes in photojournalistic Wedding photography, portrait photography, web and graphic design for small businesses and is based in Willoughby, Ohio, just East of Cleveland, Ohio.
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